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The alliance between both entities aims to boost the global competitiveness of Valencian digital media

Valencia, June 14, 2023.- The Association of Digital Media of the Valencian Region (AMDComVal) and the ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) have signed a framework collaboration agreement. This agreement’s primary objective is to integrate advanced artificial intelligence technologies into digital media, thereby enhancing the innovation and competitiveness of the sector in the Valencian Region.

Signing this agreement with VALGRAI offers AMDComVal a unique opportunity to incorporate artificial intelligence into its processes and services. This integration will enable member companies to improve the efficiency and quality of their digital content, opening new market opportunities and maintaining relevance and competitiveness in an increasingly technological global environment. Additionally, by joining the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA), AMDComVal will be able to collaborate with researchers, students, and AI professionals, facilitating knowledge exchange and creating synergies that will drive the development of innovative technological solutions.

The collaboration between AMDComVal and VALGRAI highlights the importance of joining forces between leading sectors in the Valencian Region. This alliance will not only foster research and development in artificial intelligence but will also enable Valencian digital media to stay at the forefront of technology while contributing to the dissemination of AI advancements and related research.

Furthermore, the synergy created by this agreement will benefit both sectors by promoting continuous training, joint projects, and the development of publications and events that drive technological progress in the region.

In this regard, the Vice President of AMDComVal stated, “We are very excited about this alliance with ValgrAI, as it will allow us to integrate artificial intelligence into our digital media, improving the quality and efficiency of our services.”

For her part, Ana Cidad Vila, Managing Director of ValgrAI, commented, “The collaboration with AMDComVal is an exceptional opportunity to apply our artificial intelligence research in such a dynamic sector as digital media. We are confident that this alliance will bring great benefits both technologically and socially.”

The Association of Digital Media of the Valencian Region(AMDComVal) is an organization dedicated to defending and professionalizing digital media communication. Its mission is to support the development and competitiveness of its members through the implementation of advanced technologies and the promotion of best practices in the sector.

ValgrAI (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) is a non-profit foundation formed by the Valencian Government, the five public universities of the Valencian Region(UV, UPV, UA, UJI, and UMH), and sector companies. It coordinates the study and research in Artificial Intelligence in the Valencian Regionto respond to companies’ technological needs and promote the creation of new talent in artificial intelligence, thus renewing the Valencian Community’s production model.

The project seeks cooperation between knowledge generators (teachers and researchers), companies, and productive sectors interested in this technology, aiming to turn the Valencian Regioninto a center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence technologies.