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The synergy between both entities will drive innovation and competitiveness in the Valencian Region

Valencia, June 25, 2024 – AIJU (Technological Institute for Children’s Products and Leisure) and the ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) have signed a framework collaboration agreement aimed at promoting the application of Artificial Intelligence in the toy industry. This strategic alliance aims to consolidate two leading sectors in the Valencian Region and position them at the forefront of technological innovation.

The agreement will facilitate the development of joint projects, training courses, seminars, and research days that will allow toy companies to incorporate artificial intelligence technologies into their design and production processes. This collaboration will not only improve the efficiency and quality of products but also open new market opportunities and foster the sector’s global competitiveness, as well as ensure the ethical use of AI to enhance children’s leisure in a responsible manner.

One of the main benefits of this alliance is the creation of a collaborative environment where Artificial Intelligence becomes a driver of innovation. AIJU, with its vast experience in developing children’s and leisure products, and ValgrAI, with its expertise in AI research and training, will combine their knowledge and resources to explore new technological frontiers and apply them effectively in the toy sector.

Signing this agreement with ValgrAI represents an opportunity for AIJU to integrate advanced artificial intelligence technologies into its processes and services, significantly enhancing the toy sector’s innovation and competitiveness.

Furthermore, this agreement implies integration into the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance, which will allow AIJU to closely collaborate with researchers, students, and AI professionals, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and the creation of synergies that will boost the development of advanced technological solutions. This strategic collaboration will not only benefit companies in the sector but also reinforce the leadership of both entities.

This agreement underscores the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and the industrial sector for the development of advanced technological solutions. The synergy between AIJU and ValgrAI promises to transform the toy sector, providing innovative tools that will meet market demands and improve consumer experiences, and will facilitate collaboration in joint R&D projects that will drive the industrial fabric of the Valencian Region .

In an increasingly digitalized world, “artificial intelligence represents a crucial competitive advantage. Thanks to this agreement, the toy industry in the Valencian Region will be better equipped to lead the global market, benefiting from the latest technologies and maintaining its commitment to quality and innovation, and making ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence,” concluded General Director Ana Cidad.