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Customized Training


Customized courses for your company: training for the future

Unique design for your company

The courses are fully tailored to the specific objectives and challenges of each company, ensuring a relevant and focused learning experience.

Academic and industry professionals

Training in the hands of leading AI professionals, including university academics and industry experts, ensuring the highest quality teaching.

Comprehensive and applied learning

The courses combine advanced theory and practical applications, providing students with a deep understanding and real-world applicable skills.

Updated tools and methods

Use of the latest tools and methodologies in AI, ensuring that participants are up to date with emerging trends and technologies.

Maximizing impact: benefits of AI training for businesses

Investing in artificial intelligence (AI) training transcends mere knowledge acquisition; it represents a key strategy for long-term growth and sustainability of a company. By integrating AI into team training, you’re not only enhancing their technical skills but also instilling a mindset of innovation and adaptability, crucial in today’s dynamic business environment.

This training opens up a range of opportunities for process optimization, allowing companies to automate routine and complex tasks, resulting in greater efficiency and a significant reduction in operational errors and costs. Furthermore, by equipping your team with the necessary AI skills, you foster creativity and the ability to solve problems more effectively, leading to the development of innovative solutions and new products or services that can differentiate your company in the market.

AI training benefits not only technical and operational aspects; it also has a profound impact on organizational culture. It fosters an environment of continuous learning, curiosity, and experimentation, which is vital to stay relevant in a technologically advanced world. Moreover, by keeping up with the latest trends in AI, your company can better anticipate and respond to market changes, positioning itself as a leader in its industry.

The most demanded courses by companies


Artificial Intelligence to improve your business processes

Discover how to apply artificial intelligence to optimize business processes, increasing efficiency and competitiveness. An essential course for leaders and professionals seeking to innovate and transform their business with AI.

AI: the New Executive Assistant

Discover how artificial intelligence can be your executive assistant, handling administrative tasks and supporting decision-making in a concise and focused format

Introduction to AI for Middle Management

A course designed for professionals in intermediate positions, focused on how AI can be applied to improve decision-making, efficiency, and innovation in managerial roles.

AI applied to Industrial Innovation and 4.0 industries

This course explores the use of artificial intelligence in transforming industry towards the digital era. Learn how to implement AI solutions to drive innovation and efficiency in the context of Industry 4.0.

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources

This course is designed to teach HR professionals how to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT for recruitment, employee engagement, and performance management. Learn to streamline HR processes, enhance communication, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall workforce efficiency.

Effective Presentations with AI

Learn how to create impactful presentations using Artificial Intelligence. This course will teach you how to customize and optimize your presentations to capture your audience's attention, using AI tools to efficiently design relevant and attractive content.

Transforming Small Businesses and SMEs with Generative AI

This course offers a practical and accessible introduction to AI technologies that are reshaping industries, with specific focuses on process optimization, customer personalization, and new product development. Ideal for entrepreneurs and managers looking to take their business to the next level of innovation.

AI and Ethics: Navigating Legal and Security Challenges

This course addresses critical issues such as ethics, legality, and best practices in cybersecurity to protect your organization. Essential for professionals and leaders seeking to understand and manage the boundaries and responsibilities associated with the implementation of AI.

Innovation in Marketing and Communication with Artificial Intelligence

This course details the practical applications of AI to create personalized messages, enhance customer engagement, and optimize digital marketing campaigns. Perfect for marketing and communication professionals who wish to integrate advanced technologies into their strategies to meet and exceed their business objectives.

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