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They have trusted ValgrAI

At ValgrAI we are delighted to have people and organizations that have joined our cause to support the study and research of artificial intelligence together with us.

With their support, we can continue to develop advanced AI solutions to help solve important problems in various sectors, from healthcare to transportation and education.

On this page, we want to acknowledge and thank our contributors for their contribution. Together, we are building a smarter, more innovative future.

Our corporate partners

Benefits of becoming a partner

You will generate a social impact by contributing to the purposes of the valgrAI foundation

  • Generation of talent in Artificial Intelligence
  • Promote scientific and technological research of excellence in responsible AI
  • Economic, social and cultural development aligned with the SDGs
  • Transformation of the production model of the Valencian Community


You will get visibility and reputation

  • Positioning as a benchmark entity in innovation in Artificial Intelligence
    Linking with valgrAI and the technological and innovative ecosystem in AI
  • Presence with high visibility in the communication channels and events of valgrAI


You will participate in a cutting-edge technological community and its activities

  • Access to talent with technological training in Artificial Intelligence
    Access to cutting-edge AI technology: tools, training resources and specialized knowledge
  • Participation as an assistant or protagonist in events, conferences, meetings and talks organized by valgrAI or by other members of the community
  • Single point of access to all the stakeholders of the AI ecosystem: researchers – students – companies – opinion leaders / advisers
    International connections with the main hubs and innovation centers in the world in the field
  • Collaborations in research and innovation projects
  • Training tailored to the needs of your company
  • Preferential access to our training offer and R+D+i services in AI

Partnership modalities

Click on the tabs to see the different options:

Annual sponsorship of 3.000€

  • Listed as a silver contributor on our website with name and link 10% discount on valgrAI professional courses
  • Access to exclusive content for collaborators
  • Preferential access to tailored services
  • Distribution of job offers with the Career Center
  • Invitation to attend Events
  • Tax deductions from patronage contributions

Annual sponsorship of 5.000€

  • All the advantages of Silver plus:
  • Listed as a Gold partner on our website with logo and dedicated page
    20% discount on valgrAI professional courses
  • Possibility of offering internships for valgrAI students
  • Recruitment talks to valgrAI students
  • Members of the Industrial Council of the Foundation (members of the board of trustees have voting rights)
  • Participate in the definition of the valgrAI training offer
  • Participate in the organization of events

Annual sponsorship of 50.000€ or customized services > 100.000€

  • All Gold benefits plus:
  • Listed as a Global partner on our website with XL Logo and more visible dedicated page
  • Logo on valgrAI communication material and its communication channels
  • Press release and customized collaborative communication action
  • Organization of exclusive informative events

What do we want to achieve?

In 2023 we plan to continue the 2022 aid and, in addition, launch new activities:

  • Fund more than 100 study grants so that students with the best records can take an official master’s degree in one of the five Valencian public universities related to Artificial Intelligence (course 23/24), to train new talent and strengthen the AI ecosystem of our region.
  • Give continuity and expand the incentive program for Research in Artificial Intelligence and associated disciplines, in order to generate new knowledge and transfer it to the productive sector:
    • Renewing the contracts of the previous year (12 predoctoral and 6 postdoctoral)
    • With a new call for the hiring of 5 predoctoral researchers and 5 postdoctoral researchers to carry out a doctoral thesis or a research project in one of the AI research groups of the Valencian Community on Artificial Intelligence. Giving priority to the industrial doctorate.
  • Interdisciplinary research projects program: new funding program for interdisciplinary research projects. To generate synergies and promote technology transfer with an impact on the productive sector.
  • Program of preparatory actions: new program to finance the preparation of large interdisciplinary research projects. To promote research with more impact.
  • ValgrAI Awards: new awards program with different categories that will seek to reward the most relevant research and innovation activities carried out during each year.
  • Free informative events with speakers of the highest international prestige and broadcast openly with maximum impact, to promote scientific dissemination, business innovation and the incorporation of responsible AI throughout society.
  • Talent recruitment meetings: organization of events to promote rapprochement between students and companies to promote their labor integration in the region’s productive sector.
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance: start-up of an innovation community in Artificial Intelligence in which researchers, students and professionals from universities, research centers, companies and entities interested in innovation in Artificial Intelligence participate, with the ultimate objective of promoting the dissemination, exchange of knowledge and technology, and articulating cooperation and the generation of synergies around AI in the Valencian Innovation System.
  • New courses and training programs aimed at different professional and academic profiles, with the aim of promoting continuous training and the development of skills in their sector.


And above all, we want to be creative and launch new initiatives to promote collaboration, dissemination, training and research in AI, so that it benefits companies and society in general.

What can we do with your collaboration? Examples

If you collaborate with valgrAI with a financial contribution, we can use your contribution to carry out the general interest objectives of valgrAI. These are some examples of how we will make your contribution translate into an impact investment.

Click on the tabs to see the different options:

  • Give a study aid to one of the people with the best academic records so that they can be trained in the Valencian Community in one of the 9 university master’s programs related to Artificial Intelligence of the five Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI and UMH), or…
  • Cover the expenses to broadcast openly and by streaming an informative talk on Artificial Intelligence topics of interest to companies and society in general, or…
  • Finance the travel and subsistence expenses of an international speaker who offers an informative talk
  • fund an AI-related award, for example for the best doctoral thesis of the year or the best business innovation in AI, or…
  • finance a preparatory action for collaborative research projects in AI
  • Organize a workshop or informal networking event to encourage collaboration between members of the valgrAI ecosystem
  • Fund 2 interdisciplinary AI research projects between leading research groups, or…
  • Finance a 1-year employment contract for a researcher or pre-doctoral researcher to start their doctoral thesis on a subject related to Artificial Intelligence or associated disciplines, or…
  • Organize a large-scale event or congress on a topic of general interest with speakers of international relevance, activities to promote collaboration, networking spaces and open dissemination, or…
  • prepare a new training course on a new AI theme
  • Finance a 1-year employment contract for a researcher or postdoctoral researcher to carry out a research project on a subject related to Artificial Intelligence or associated disciplines, or…
  • Launch collaborative actions with international institutions to promote the exchange of people and knowledge, or…
  • propose, with your help, new, innovative and ambitious projects or financing programs to promote training, dissemination, cooperation or research in AI

Do you want to be part of the change with ValgrAI?

If you are interested in supporting a community committed to improving the world through innovation and technology, please contact us and we would be happy to talk to you.