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Explore the current job offers from universities, research groups, or collaborating companies and join a team dedicated to transforming the future of artificial intelligence. At ValgrAI, each position is an opportunity to grow and make a difference.

Artificial Intelligence Training Manager - ValgrAI

These positions have already been filled, but we invite you to explore them to get a complete view of the varied career opportunities offered by ValgrAI.

"Brain- Machine Interface (BMI) systems for closed-loop control of lower-limb robotic exoskeletons" - DC7 PhD offer in the consortium DONUT at Miguel Hernandez University of Elche

Junior Data Scientist - Nunsys S.A.

Senior Data Scientist - Nunsys S.A

Post‐doc, PhD candidate & Research Engineer positions in 5G/6G for Industry 4.0 - UWICORE Laboratory (UMH)

Ingeniería de valores en sistemas de IA: herramientas para la toma de decisiones basadas en valores (VAEVADEM) - Instituto VRAIN

Digital Twins and V2X for Connected and Automated Mobility - UWICORE Laboratory (UMH)

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At ValgrAI, each position is an opportunity to grow and make a difference.