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The video recordings of the presentations from the II Joint Research Unit Meeting of ValgrAI, which took place at La Nau, are now available for viewing. This event has showcased the cutting-edge research and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Valencian universities, reinforcing the Comunitat Valenciana as a benchmark in the field. Below, you will find a summary of each presentation along with a link to view the full presentations.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA) presentation

Author: Ana Cidad Vila (ValgrAI)

Description: In this talk, Ana Cidad, the Managing Director of ValgrAI, presents a groundbreaking initiative: the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA). This alliance aims to establish a robust and dynamic community focused on Artificial Intelligence. An ecosystem where researchers, students, and professionals from various disciplines and sectors can collaborate, exchange knowledge, and foster innovation in the field of AI. The project, supported by Agència Valenciana de la Innovació and the European Union, aspires to position the Valencian Innovation System as a benchmark in the field, promoting cooperation, talent attraction, and the generation of synergies. Additionally, the incorporation of key new members into the AIIA project team will be announced to strengthen its impact and reach.



Industrial AI Projects in IDAL 

Author: Emilio Soria-Olivas (Universitat de València)

Description: In this talk, Emilio Soria-Olivas presented how AI is being applied in the industrial sector, showcasing real-world applications in companies such as Aranco and Galp, among others. He highlighted the use of predictive models and text-to-speech for cloning human voices, as well as AI’s application in fraud detection and the audio industry.

Natural Language Processing Tasks in PRHLT

Author: Paolo Rosso (Universitat de València)

Description: Paolo Rosso took us through the application of AI in detecting fake news and hate speech, emphasizing the need to address these issues that concern both the national and European levels. He also discussed how Natural Language Processing can identify and combat misinformation.

Regulation and Rights of AI

Author: Lorenzo Cotino (Universitat de València)

Description: Lorenzo Cotino introduced us to the current and future landscape of AI regulation, emphasizing the existence of data protection and privacy rights. His presentation highlighted the leading position of the Comunitat Valenciana in digital law and AI.


Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Author: José D.  Martín Guerrero (Universitat de València)

Description: José Martín Guerrero tackled the enthralling realm of Quantum Artificial Intelligence, detailing projects such as Quantum Memristors and Quantum Clustering that promise to revolutionize quantum technology.

Creation of Multi-Action Game Agents

Author: Raul Montoliu (Universitat Jaume I)

Description: Raul Montoliu discussed the development of AI agents in video games, introducing ASMACAG as a tool for testing reinforcement learning algorithms, essential for creating virtual players that mimic human behavior.

AI Tools Applied to Video Game Development

Author: Carlos Marín (Universitat Jaume I)

Description: Carlos Marín spoke about the importance of AI in process automation in video game development, a billion-dollar industry, and the need for improved collaboration between illustrators and programmers.

GTIIA Group and Emotional Agents

Author: Joaquín Taverner (Universitat Politècnica de València)

Description: Joaquín Taverner showcased how Responsible AI can contribute to modeling complex systems and creating a virtual society where humans and AI agents coexist harmoniously.

We hope you enjoy the presentations that reflect the richness of the AI ecosystem in the Valencian Community.

We will soon announce the third edition of these meetings. If you want to attend or participate, follow us on social media and learn everything happening at ValgrAI.

For more information about future events and projects, stay tuned with us!