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During this morning, the VI ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting took place. This event continues to solidify its commitment to fostering innovation and the exchange of knowledge in artificial intelligence. This virtual gathering serves as a platform to present pioneering research and encourage enriching dialogue among researchers, academics, and industry professionals.

Highlighted Research

This Morning Meeting had the pleasure of featuring presentations from two distinguished researchers, who shared their latest advancements, promising significant impacts in their respective areas.

Giulia Rizzi: Recognizing Misogynous Memes

Giulia Rizzi, a researcher at PRHLT – UPV, presented her work titled “Recognizing misogynous memes: Biased models and tricky archetypes.” In her research, Rizzi addresses the growing issue of misogyny on the web, especially through memes, highlighting the need for a multimodal approach to its detection. Her study investigates various unimodal and multimodal methods, proposing a technique to estimate and mitigate biases in AI models, and underlines the challenges still faced in effectively recognizing this type of content.

Nahuel García: Optimizing Healthcare Treatments through AI

On the other hand, Nahuel García from the Universitat d’Alacant and Pre-doctoral Researcher at ValgrAI presented his work “Optimizing Healthcare Treatments through Artificial Intelligence: Analysis and Prediction of Clinical Variables and Body Shape.” García discusses how AI techniques can revolutionize healthcare, improving everything from clinical diagnostics to disease prevention. His research focuses on collecting and analyzing medical, psychological, and 3D data to refine existing treatments and offer more personalized and precise care.

A Platform for Exchange and Collaboration

The VI ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting not only highlighted the notable contributions of Rizzi and García but also reaffirmed the importance of collaboration within the AI community. The event spurred discussions that link theory with practice, shedding light on the future of AI and its ability to tackle challenges across various fields.

ValgrAI is proud to lead in AI research, and these Morning Meetings are a testament to the dynamic and innovative spirit that characterizes the AI community. We invite all those passionate about technology and innovation to join us on this journey toward discovery and progress.

Stay tuned for our upcoming activities, and we hope to see you at our next meeting, which will take place on April 12th!