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On the eve of International Women’s Day, ValgrAI has had the honor of hosting a significant event that not only commemorates but also actively promotes the crucial role that women play in the fields of science and technology. This morning’s webinar, “The Female Vanguard of AI: Celebrating Women in Science,” was a powerful demonstration of the ingenuity, dedication, and impact of women in Artificial Intelligence, marking the beginning of a week dedicated to reflection, celebration, and action towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

The importance of highlighting and supporting women in science

Women’s Week serves as a crucial reminder of the challenges and barriers that women have historically faced in fields dominated by men, such as science and technology. Despite significant advances, the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) persists, underscoring the need for ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and empower women and girls in science.

Women’s participation and leadership in science are not only fundamental to gender equality but also to creativity, innovation, and solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Events like this morning’s reinforce the message that support and recognition of female contributions in science are not only fair but essential for global progress.

The female vanguard of AI: Celebrating women in science

Today’s event served as a platform for distinguished researchers from ValgrAI to share their experiences, insights, and visions for the future of AI. Speakers Eva Onaindia, Valery Naranjo, and Eva Vallada, researchers at the ValgrAI Joint Research Unit, provided valuable perspectives on how artificial intelligence can learn from human behavior, the development of innovative cloud platforms, and the impact of AI on the world of transportation and logistics. With this event, we not only celebrated the achievements of women in AI but also served as a call to action to support and promote female presence in these critical fields.

Acknowledgments and next steps

From ValgrAI, we extend our deepest thanks to all those who participated in this morning’s webinar. Your presence and engagement are essential to promote a meaningful conversation about the role of women in science and technology and towards a more inclusive and diverse future.

For those who were unable to join us live or wish to relive the inspiring moments of the webinar, we have embedded the complete event below for everyone to access and share.

Looking ahead, ValgrAI is committed to continuing to support and celebrate the contributions of women in all areas of science and technology. We will continue to host events, foster dialogue, and work towards a future where gender equality in STEM is a reality, not just an aspiration. Thank you again for your presence and participation. Together, we can make a significant difference in promoting gender equality in science and technology.

Happy International Women’s Day!