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ValgrAI is proud to announce the seventh edition of the “ValgrAI Morning Research Meetings,” an event dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of the latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence. This virtual meeting, to be held via Microsoft Teams, continues the mission of connecting researchers, academics, and industry professionals to explore current trends and developments in AI.

This edition, we are particularly excited to present two groundbreaking research projects carried out by members of the ValgrAI team. These presentations promise not only to shed light on significant technological advances but also to stimulate enriching idea exchanges and provide constructive feedback among participants.

Highlighted Presentations at the VII ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting:

  • TrustSearch: AI Analysis on News Positioning and Media Ideological Orientation Speaker: Berta Chulvi In times of growing skepticism towards media sources, TrustSearch emerges as an innovative artificial intelligence tool designed to assess and reveal the ideological bias of media outlets and their publications on controversial topics. Berta Chulvi will explain how TrustSearch not only enriches our understanding of the news but also promotes deeper critical thinking by exposing the diverse ideological narratives.



  • EEG Signal Processing to Aid in the Diagnosis of ADHD in Childhood Speaker: Sandra Garcia Sandra Garcia will present a novel approach to diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, using EEG signals and advanced AI techniques. This research aims to provide an objective and neurophysiological data-based diagnostic method, which could be a significant advancement towards improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosing this disorder.

We invite all enthusiasts and professionals in the artificial intelligence sector to participate in this upcoming edition of the ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting on May 3rd. This will be the ideal place to discover pioneering research and discuss the future implications of technology. Do not miss the opportunity to dive into the vibrant world of AI and contribute to shaping its future.

We look forward to see you again!