Master’s Degree in Data Science

University of Alicante.
The University of Alicante is a Spanish public university based in San Vicente del Raspeig, next to Alicante. It was created in 1979 on the structure of the Center for University Studies that began operating in 1968 and as heir to the University of Orihuela of 1569.

Campus: Universitat d'Alacant
Duration: 1.500 hours
Date: 2022/23
Method: Blended learning
Price: 35,34€/credit
Language: Spanish

Digital data, coming from a large number of sources, have become instruments of crucial value for any company or organization based on analysis and exploitable interpretation. Having expert data science professionals who know how to give value to information is essential. Thus, data science is currently the area with the greatest demand for qualified professionals, and these are called to play an essential role in the new competitive context in which decision-making based on data analysis predominates. On the other hand, the growing demand for professionals who are experts in data management, storage, processing, purification, visualization and analysis guarantees a qualified job position in the short and medium term.

In this context, the university master’s degree in Data Science of the University of Alicante was born, in which the Higher Polytechnic School and the Faculty of Sciences are involved through the following departments: Computer Languages and Systems, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence , Information Technology and Computing, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics.

Among these five departments there are a total of 238 professors with 556 teaching five-year periods and 247 six-year research periods.


The main objective of the University Master’s Degree in Data Science at the University of Alicante is to train specialists capable of identifying, capturing, transforming, analyzing and interpreting data. It is intended to prepare the student in the area of Data Science, in two ways: innovate to investigate and investigate to innovate. The first refers to the acquisition of advanced training, of a specialized and multidisciplinary nature, aimed at promoting the initiation of research tasks in Data Science. And the second aims to put into practice the knowledge acquired to be creative, in a real work environment, when addressing data science problems through research.

Adressed to

Graduates (graduate, graduate, engineer) with basic skills in mathematics, statistics and programming fundamentals.

The most appropriate profiles correspond to the following Bachelor’s Degrees (or similar) as well as higher (former graduates): Computer Engineering, Multimedia Engineering, Mathematics.

Admission criteria

The selection criteria on which the Master’s Academic Committee will be based will be:

  • Those who are in possession of the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Those who are in possession of the title of Degree in Multimedia Engineering.
  • Those who are in possession of the title of Degree in Mathematics.
  • Those who are in possession of an Engineering degree/Licenciate in Computer Science or Mathematics corresponding to previous ordinations of university education.

For all those people who meet the above criteria, the average of the academic record will be considered in order to establish an order of applications. If there is a greater number of applications than places, the aforementioned arrangement will be used.

Given that the teaching of this courses is being held in Spanish, and in order to ensure that students are able to follow all training activities, to be admitted, accreditation of a Spanish level equivalent to B2 will be required. All students whose mother tongue is Spanish or who have studied in educational systems that use Spanish as the teaching language will be freed from this accreditation.