Master’s Degree in Intelligent Systems


Universitat Jaume I.
La Universitat Jaume I, UJI, es la universidad pública de Castellón, Creada en 1991, la UJI se ha posicionado como una universidad de proximidad, caracterizada por el trato personalizado que apuesta por la calidad en todos sus ámbitos, convirténdose en una de las mejores universidades jóvenes del mundo según los mejores ránkings mundiales.

Campus: Universitat Jaume I

Duration: 1.500 hours
Date: 2022/23
Method: Dual training

The master’s degree trains students in the field of intelligent systems, which covers processes involving automatic perception, learning and decision-making, robotic manipulation, intelligent and service robotics, data storage and processing, contextual information, big data, intelligent analysis of information, knowledge engineering, visualisation and interactive environments.

The studies are structured with two possible areas of specialisation that allow students to acquire the knowledge and disciplines required by a professional profile: service robotics or advanced interaction and knowledge management. The graduates who complete the Master’s Degree in Intelligent Systems will receive multidisciplinary training in leading-edge areas of computation, communications and systems integration.


The main objective of the study plan is the training of specialists in intelligent systems that involve processes of perception, learning and automatic decision, robotic manipulation, data storage and processing, contextual information, visualization and interactive environments. The thematic areas targeted in the main objective cover different types of systems: autonomous mobile systems and manipulator robots, systems for strategic analysis of the flow of information, decision support systems, information retrieval systems, simulation and action systems assistance and remote interaction systems, virtual and augmented reality systems, multimodal systems and interfaces, context-dependent location systems, and high-performance communications systems and architectures.

This gives rise to the generic objective of training a certain type of system being specified in two more specific ones, depending on whether the interaction takes place with a physical environment (robotic manipulation) or if it constitutes an aid for knowledge and decision management automatic (advanced interaction and knowledge management)

Admission criteria

Pursuant to Royal Decree 822/2021, of 28 September, in order to enter state-regulated university master’s degree courses, it is necessary to:

  • Hold a Spanish state-regulated university degree or equivalent qualification or, if applicable, another university master’s degree or degrees of the same level as the Spanish bachelor’s or master’s degree issued by a university or higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows access to master’s studies in the issuing country.
  • Exceptionally, students meeting any of the circumstances below may also be admitted to the master’s degree course, however, under no circumstances can a master’s degree be obtained without first completing a bachelor’s degree:
    • Be a student of a Spanish or EHEA bachelor’s degree who has yet to pass the bachelor’s thesis and up to 9 ECTS credits. Be an undergraduate student who has yet to provide proof that they have the level of proficiency in languages required to obtain the bachelor’s degree.
    • Be a student of a UJI bachelor’s degree enrolled in a successive programme in the field of engineering and architecture who has a maximum of 30 ECTS credits pending in order to graduate (including the bachelor’s thesis and other subjects, as detailed on the website of the corresponding master’s degree).
  • Hold a university degree issued by a country outside the EHEA, recognised or declared equivalent by the Spanish Ministry of Education, or a degree equivalent to the non-recognised bachelor’s degree, after verifying that the studies completed are at a level of education equivalent to that of the official university qualifications in Spain and entitle the holder to be eligible for admission to master’s degree courses in the country where the qualification was awarded.
  • In accordance with the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree, persons holding a pre-EHEA state-regulated Spanish bachelor’s degree are also eligible for admission to university master’s degree courses:
    • Pre-EHEA long-cycle undergraduate degrees.
    • Pre-EHEA short-cycle undergraduate degrees, with bridging courses if necessary.


B) Specific requirements and admission criteria

In addition to the entry requirements that are common to all master’s degree courses, each course may establish specific conditions for entry and admission. This information can be found on the website of each master’s degree course, which must include the procedures and requirements for admission to the programme of study set out in the corresponding verification report.