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Terms and Conditions


By paying the enrolment fee, the Student accepts and fully subscribes to the present general conditions of enrolment, without prejudice to other specific conditions which, if any, will be conveniently detailed in the advertisement of the course (either course, master´s degree or other) of his/her choice (hereinafter, the “Course“).

1. Enrolment

The Student must present, at the time of enrolment in the Course or at any time that he/she may be required to do so by the VALENCIAN GRADUATE SCHOOL AND RESEARCH NETWORK OF ARTIFICIAL INGELLIGENCE (hereinafter, “ValgrAI”) or

the Directing University in charge of the Course (hereinafter, the “University”), the identification documentation required in any of the registration formalization procedures, within the deadlines indicated. If such documentation is not presented, or if it is not authentic or sufficient, the enrollment will not be formalized (or, if it is formalized, it will have no effect), and the certificate of achievement (hereinafter, the “Certificate“) will not be issued, even if the Student is able to complete the studies for which he/she enrolled. Therefore, the Student assumes the legal consequences that may arise from the lack of authenticity of the documents or the lack of the necessary requirements.

The enrollment, once formalized, will entitle the Student to attend and participate in the classes of the subjects in which he/she is enrolled and to the realization of the exams foreseen in the brochure of the Course.

In case of failing to pass the minimum requirements established for the fulfillment of the Course, the Student must re-enroll to obtain the right to pass the Course. In any case, the Student must pay the full registration fee in order to be entitled to receive the corresponding Certificate once the Course has been passed.

2. Payment

Payment may be made in one payment or in installments. In the case of payment in installments (according to ValgrAI’s conditions), the Student will pay the corresponding part in each of the installments established by ValgrAI. If any of the installments is not paid within the period granted for this purpose, the virtual campus will be blocked for the Student and access to any other resource that ValgrAI or the University may have made available will be denied.

3. Virtual Campus

The Student will have the right to access the virtual platform of the Course, which will be executed through the University´s platform (hereinafter, the “Platform“). To this end, the University will make its best efforts for the proper functioning of the Platform, not being able to always guarantee its perfect functioning.

The Student, when formalizing their enrollment, expressly authorizes the use of their personal data, both by ValgrAI and by the University, for the creation of their credentials on the Platform, to allow access to the resources found in it and for the delivery of virtual classes that are scheduled.

4. Passing the Course

The Student who has obtained the minimum requirements established in the brochure to pass the Course, will have passed the Course. Once the fulfillment of the established requirements has been verified, the University will issue the Certificate in the Student’s name through electronic means.

5. Right of withdrawal

The Student will have a period of 14 days from the payment of the registration fee to withdraw unless the Course has already started. The Student who wishes to communicate his/her cancellation within the foreseen period without the Course having started must do so by registered letter to the address Camino de Vera S/N, building 3Q, 46022-Valencia (Spain), to the attention of ValgrAI. The refund, if applicable, will be made by the same means of payment used by the Student to make the initial transaction.

Regardless of the above, if the Student is not within the withdrawal period, but would like to cancel the Course, 70% of the amount paid will be refunded if he/she cancels up to fifteen calendar days after the beginning of the Course.

Students who request to withdraw from the course after the periods foreseen, will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement of the registration fee, and this for the access to the resources, materials and other contents of the Course and, therefore, it will be understood that they are abandoning their studies.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Course shall be governed by the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 822/2021, of 28 September, which establishes the organization of university education and the procedure for quality assurance and, in particular, by the provisions for Non-Regulated Studies and Training Activities at the University in force at the time the Course is offered.

Any dispute between the Student and ValGrAI and University shall be settled amicably between the parties, on the trust of good faith. However, in case of persistent differences, the sole recourse of the parties shall be to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Valencia (Spain).