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The agreement aims to strengthen the adoption of AI in the Valencian Community as a means to accelerate social, educational, and productive change.

Idrica and ValgrAI have reached a collaboration agreement to promote the study and research in artificial intelligence in the Valencian Community, which will result in the development and support of postgraduate education, research, and studies in AI and other related disciplines.

Specifically, this alliance aims to address the technological needs of companies and promote the creation of new talent in the field of Artificial Intelligence. To achieve this, Idrica becomes a driving force for cooperation among the best research teams in the Valencian Community, pooling efforts to more efficiently tackle technological challenges in AI, and thus promote the attraction and comprehensive training of future talents.

ValgrAI, composed of the Valencian Government, the five public universities of the Valencian Community, and various companies in the sector, is a great example of cooperation between the business and academic worlds with the common goal of addressing the new needs of the knowledge society.

In this regard, Jaime Barba, CEO of Idrica , emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating that it represents “a commitment to innovation, materialized in the training and attraction of talent, hand in hand with three fundamental prisms: the Public Administration, the business fabric, and the academic world.”

For all these reasons, this partnership between Idrica and ValgrAI represents a boost in the adoption of AI in the Valencian Community as a way to accelerate social, educational, and productive change.

AI, key for automation, efficiency, and sustainability of water systems

On the other hand, with the aim of promoting the encounter and collaboration of the main actors in Artificial Intelligence, the second edition of the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 was held last week, an event that, on this occasion, was attended by more than 220 people.

Driven by ValgrAI (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) and supported by the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Generalitat Valenciana, this forum has become the meeting point for experts, students, and international researchers seeking to learn firsthand about the latest advances and innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Among the attending experts was Idrica, the leading digital transformation company in the water sector, founded by Fomento Urbano de Castellón, S.A. Pablo Alcoriza, CTO of the company, was responsible for delivering the presentation on Idrica’s work in general, and specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Regarding this point, Alcoriza told the attendees that this technology “is not an end in itself, but a tool to achieve an objective that must be efficient, practical, sustainable, and scalable, among many other things.” In this sense, the Idrica executive explained some of the use cases in which Artificial Intelligence was the key factor enabling increased automation, efficiency, and sustainability of water systems, as well as the improvement of maintenance systems that enable a more sustainable integral water cycle.

Throughout the day, attendees were able to learn firsthand about Idrica’s work driving the transformation of the water sector, thanks to the company’s stand as collaborators of ValgrAI at the event.