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Valencia, July 21, 2023 – El Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Ingeniería Informática (CCII) y ValgrAI, Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence, with the patronage of the Generalitat Valenciana, have established a strategic alliance to promote the development of Artificial Intelligence projects in Spanish companies and foster professional talent in this field.

The collaboration agreement aims to boost various joint actions to strengthen the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the business sector, as well as in the education and updating of professionals in the field of computer engineering. The signing of the contract took place at the facilities of ValgrAI, with the virtual presence of Fernando Suárez, president of CCII, and in-person attendance by Juan Pablo Peñarrubia, vice president of CCII, Vicent Botti, and Ana Cidad, general director and managing director of ValgrAI, respectively.


Among the central objectives of the agreement are:

  • Promoting Artificial Intelligence projects in companies: CCII and ValgrAI will collaborate to encourage the realization of real projects and pilot applications of Artificial Intelligence in the business lines and activities of Spanish companies. Computer engineers will participate as co-directors or mentors in these projects, promoting the real utilization of AI in the business environment.
  • Contributing to the education of professionals in Artificial Intelligence: The collaboration between both entities will enable the promotion of ongoing education for computer engineering professionals who wish to strengthen their skills in AI. CCII members will have access to special conditions for continuous education in this field offered by ValgrAI.
  • Promoción del talento profesional en IA: CCII y ValgrAI trabajarán conjuntamente para potenciar la actividad y el talento profesional en el ámbito de la Inteligencia Artificial en España, promoviendo la realización de trabajos fin de máster, tesis doctorales y proyectos de investigación asociados a la IA en empresas y otras organizaciones.

Fernando Suárez, president of CCII, highlighted that “this collaboration represents a great opportunity for Spanish companies, which will be able to carry out Artificial Intelligence projects in their activities and business lines. The participation of computer engineers as co-directors or mentors in these projects will be key to their success and the real adoption of AI in the business environment. Additionally, we will facilitate ongoing education for our members in artificial intelligence to promote the competitiveness of our companies and foster the development of AI in Spain.”

On the other hand, Vicent Botti, General Director of ValgrAI, commented that “this alliance with CCII will allow us to strengthen the presence of artificial intelligence in Spain. Through collaboration in research projects and joint education, we will be able to promote the adoption and effective application of AI in various areas. This initiative will benefit both computer engineering professionals and companies, driving technological development and progress in Artificial Intelligence in the Valencian Community and beyond.”

This collaboration between CCII and ValgrAI represents a significant step towards promoting the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Spain, strengthening the competitiveness of companies, promoting professional talent, and contributing to progress and advancement in the field of AI in the Valencian Community and the country in general.