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The foundation reaffirms its commitment to education and AI research with this third round of grants.

Valencia, October 23, 2023 – For the third consecutive year, the Valencian Graduate School and Artificial Intelligence Research Network, ValgrAI, has announced the award of 130 study scholarships with the aim of promoting postgraduate training and attracting talent in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Valencian Region.

This year’s novelty is the inclusion of a new academic program: the Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Alicante, increasing the total number of university master’s degrees supported by these scholarships to nine.

The academic commissions of the nine master’s programs related to Artificial Intelligence, including the newly incorporated Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Alicante, will be responsible for selecting the recipients of these grants, placing a special emphasis on the academic excellence of the candidates.

Thanks to the funding from the Valencian Government – Department of Education, Universities, and Employment, these scholarships will allow the benefited students to fully or partially cover their tuition fees in the AI master’s programs offered by the five public universities of the Valencian Region: University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Alicante, Jaume I University, and Miguel Hernández University.

“The continuous support from the ValgrAI community, from the public universities of the Valencian Region, researchers, and associated companies, to the students themselves, has been crucial for the success of this scholarship program,” stated Vicent Botti, director of the foundation. “We are committed to making the Valencian Region benchmark in technology and innovation, and these scholarships are a key tool to achieve this and attract top talent to our region,” added Ana Cidad, managing director of ValgrAI.

The master’s degrees supported by ValgrAI cover a wide range of disciplines related to Artificial Intelligence, from data science to robotics and intelligent system technology, among others. With these financial aids, which are now in their third year, ValgrAI reaffirms its commitment to promote education, research, and development in artificial intelligence and related disciplines in the Valencian Region. In addition to expanding the study grants, ValgrAI continues its dissemination work with a series of highly successful informative events aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The foundation also offers specialized AI courses tailored to various sectors, from teacher training, ICT professionals, and content creation, to the application of AI in sustainable territories, thus providing a range of opportunities for the practical application of this emerging technology.

For more information about ValgrAI, its scholarship programs, events, and other news, you can follow the Foundation on its various social media: LinkedIn, valgrAI Community on LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Google.