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Today has been a historic day for the scientific community of the Comunitat Valenciana and for the field of artificial intelligence in general. The IV Matinal de Investigación de ValgrAI, held this morning, has been a showcase of innovation and a recognition of academic excellence, presenting the winning works of the first ValgrAI Artificial Intelligence Awards of Comunitat Valenciana for the best Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Thesis in Artificial Intelligence and related disciplines. This special event, conducted entirely online, highlighted the talent and effort of local researchers.

Talks from the IV Matinal

“Exploring multimodal foundation models to improve interaction for people with speech impairments”

    • Author: Isabel Ferri
    • Award: Best Master’s Thesis
    • Summary: Isabel Ferri’s research addresses a crucial challenge: improving voice interaction technology for people with pronunciation difficulties, especially those affected by aphasia. Her innovative approach in adapting automatic speech recognition systems, complemented with the use of visual context, promises to revolutionize the human-computer interaction experience for this demographic group.

“Contributions of biomechanical modeling and machine learning to the automatic registration of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance and Transrectal Echography for prostate brachytherapy”

    • Author: Óscar José Pellicer Valero
    • Award: Best Doctoral Thesis
    • Summary: Óscar José Pellicer Valero’s work represents a significant advancement in the medical field. His research focuses on prostate cancer, seeking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Incorporating artificial intelligence, his work has led to notable improvements in automatic image segmentation, lesion detection, and biomechanical simulations, establishing a new standard in prostate cancer treatment.

Impact and Repercussion of the Event

The IV Matinal de Investigación de ValgrAI has not only served to recognize the outstanding work of these researchers but has also strengthened the ties between researchers and students, highlighting the importance of artificial intelligence in various fields. The participation of these awardees not only honors their individual achievements but also emphasizes the role of the Comunitat Valenciana as a center of innovation in AI.

These awards, and the event itself, reflect ValgrAI’s commitment to promoting cutting-edge research and the practical application of artificial intelligence.

The community has witnessed the capacity and potential of researchers from the Comunitat Valenciana, who continue to contribute significantly to scientific and technological progress.

Looking Towards the Future

The ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting are expected to position themselves as key reference points for connecting researchers at all levels. These meetings not only highlight significant contributions in the field of artificial intelligence but also promote an enriching dialogue between professionals and researchers. With each edition, collaboration networks are strengthened, and new opportunities for future innovations are opened.

The next edition of the ValgrAI Morning Research Meeting is scheduled for February 2nd. This upcoming session promises to continue the tradition of exploring and celebrating the latest advances in artificial intelligence, providing a platform for new talents to present their work and for established experts to share their knowledge. Whether you wish to participate as a speaker or attend the talk, please write to us at to request it.

See you on February 2nd!