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The agreement will facilitate specialized AI training for journalists and promote collaboration on cutting-edge projects.

Valencia, February 28, 2024 – The Unió de Periodistes Valencians and the ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) have sealed a strategic alliance to enhance innovation and development in two fundamental areas: journalism and artificial intelligence.

Vicent Ferrer Marco Moreno, president of the Unió de Periodistes Valencians, and Ana Cidad Vila, Managing Director of ValgrAI, have signed a collaboration agreement that marks a milestone in the convergence between information and technological progress with the goal of positioning Valencian journalists at the forefront of the communicative landscape.

The Unió de Periodistes Valencians is a non-profit professional association dedicated to defending the rights of journalists and freedom of expression. With a solid membership of about 700 associates, this entity has stood out for its commitment to complementary training and the personal development of its members.

On the other hand, ValgrAI is a non-profit scientific-educational foundation, committed to promoting knowledge in artificial intelligence and related disciplines. Under the impulse of the Generalitat Valenciana, specifically, the Department of Education, Universities and Employment, it stands as a benchmark in the promotion of research and postgraduate teaching in the field of artificial intelligence, for which it has the support of the five public universities of the Valencian region (Universitat de València, Universitat Politècnica de València, Universitat d´Alacant, Universitat Jaume I, and Universidad Miguel Hernández).

This agreement, which aims to help members of La Unió acquire new skills in Artificial Intelligence, seeks to enhance collaboration and the use of resources, thus laying the foundations for the launch of numerous joint activities focused on the communication sector. To achieve joint efforts and work together, the creation of a Joint Commission focused on developing actions centered on the organization of courses, programs, seminars, and conferences, as well as the development of research work and studies in the field of artificial intelligence is anticipated.

Moreover, members of La Unió will receive preferential treatment in the various activities carried out by ValgrAI, in addition to becoming part of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA), with the goal of also becoming dynamic elements of an alliance that aims to generate the exchange of knowledge to collaborate in the growth and positioning of the Valencian region as a benchmark in Artificial Intelligence, where all social agents are indispensable.

For the Managing Director of ValgrAI, Ana Cidad, “this alliance serves to inform and train journalists, photojournalists, and communicators, on the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence offers to be more productive, more competitive and become true agents of change through the adoption of technology in their daily work. We want not only to dispel the fallacies about AI but also to help them understand that they can lead it from their sector, because it is a great ally if used correctly.”

For his part, the president of La Unió, Vicent Marco, noted, “this agreement reflects the commitment of the Unió de Periodistes Valencians and ValgrAI to innovation, training, and professional development, laying the foundations for a fruitful collaboration that will contribute to the advancement of journalism and artificial intelligence in the Valencian region.