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This agreement will serve to strengthen the Valencian Region as a reference for entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

Valencia, March 25, 2024 – In an effort to strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Startup Valencia and ValgrAI (Valencian Postgraduate School and Artificial Intelligence Research Network) have signed an agreement that lays the groundwork for broad cooperation between both entities.

The signing of this agreement establishes a framework for collaboration that will enable the joint development of various activities related to the promotion of AI projects, the execution of courses, training programs, seminars, and research days focused on supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the Valencian business sector.

Startup Valencia is a private, non-profit organization that, since 2017, has represented and driven the Valencian innovative and technological ecosystem to turn the region into a leading international technological hub. Among the main objectives of Startup Valencia are the consolidation of the Valencian Region in the technological field, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the connection with scientific-university talent, and the creation of an adequate framework for the scaling of digital projects.

ValgrAI, on the other hand, is a non-profit foundation formed by the Generalitat Valenciana, the five public universities of the Valencian Region (UV, UPV, UA, UJI, and UMH), and companies from the sector that coordinates the study and research in Artificial Intelligence in the Valencian Region to meet the technological needs of companies and promote the creation of new talent in artificial intelligence, thereby renewing the productive model of the Valencian Region.
Given that both Startup Valencia and ValgrAI share a firm commitment to promoting innovation and driving entrepreneurship in the Valencian Region, it was natural for them to join forces to elevate the status of this region as a leading center for entrepreneurship, avant-garde, and technological advancement.

Nacho Mas, CEO of Startup Valencia, stated, “this collaboration agreement with ValgrAI will allow us to enhance the Valencian technological ecosystem, promoting innovation and competitiveness in the field of Artificial Intelligence.”
In turn, Ana Cidad Vila, Managing Director of ValgrAI, highlighted: “This agreement represents a significant step in our commitment to promoting talent generation in AI and awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in our environment. Together, we will be able to create new opportunities and foster the development of new innovative projects that become successful startups in this area.”

The agreement establishes the creation of a Joint Coordination Commission, made up of representatives from both institutions, tasked with developing and coordinating the specific actions resulting from this collaboration.
Among the highlights of the agreement are the special conditions for continuous education in AI, with benefits in enrollment fees for Startup Valencia members in the courses provided by ValgrAI. Furthermore, the integration of Startup Valencia and the members of its community into the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA), a community dedicated to innovation in AI created by ValgrAI with the goal of generating synergies and exchanging knowledge and experiences, with the objective not only of generating real interaction around AI but also supporting entrepreneurship to boost the startup ecosystem.

The agreement, which will initially last for one year, renewable automatically, also establishes the commitment of both entities to join efforts in financing the various initiatives they plan to promote jointly.