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The agreement signed by the APPV aims to equip its members with the skills offered by AI and dispel fears about the use of this technology.

Valencia, April 18, 2024 – The Professional Association of Valencian Journalists (APPV) and the ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) have signed an agreement aimed at improving the integration of journalism with artificial intelligence. This strategic alliance seeks to strengthen the interaction between journalism and cutting-edge technologies, dispelling fears and opening new avenues for innovation and professional development.

The agreement establishes a framework for collaboration that will include the execution of courses, training programs, seminars, and workshops focused on artificial intelligence. These activities are designed not only to enrich the knowledge and skills of journalists but also to promote the creation of networks of collaboration between professionals, academics, and technology experts.

One of the most notable clauses of the agreement is the inclusion of APPV members in the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance (AIIA), an innovation community created by ValgrAI. This participation will promote dissemination, the exchange of knowledge and technology, and articulate cooperation around artificial intelligence in the Valencian Innovation System.

The Vice President of the APPV, Silvia Tormo, highlighted that “this agreement represents a significant advance in the incorporation of artificial intelligence in journalism and is in line with the Professional Association of Valencian Journalists’ commitment to the continuous improvement of the professional skills of our members.”

For her part, the Managing Director of ValgrAI, Ana Cidad Vila, stated that “our agreement with the APPV allows us to face together the challenges of new technologies, thus ensuring that journalists not only see Artificial Intelligence as an ally but also can equip themselves with the professional knowledge and skills to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving society.”

This agreement also includes special conditions for continuous training in AI, offering APPV members significant discounts on training activities provided by ValgrAI, in addition to the possibility of extending these benefits to APPV partners.

This collaboration, which aims to accompany journalists in this process of updating knowledge, represents a further step towards the professionalization of journalism in relation to artificial intelligence technology, as well as establishing a model to follow in the integration of continuous education and practical innovation.