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Valencia, April 25, 2024 – The ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) has established a sponsorship collaboration with the technology company Pangeanic in a joint effort to boost specialized research and training. This agreement translates into support for the educational, formative, and research activities promoted by ValgrAI to position the Valencian Region as a benchmark territory in Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to Pangeanic’s donation, the ValgrAI Foundation will not only be able to maintain its current pace of activities but also plans to expand its reach by creating new training programs and promoting research projects that could revolutionize the industry. Thus, Pangeanic joins the collaborative companies of this non-profit foundation, which include: Balearia, IVIRMA, Indaws, Hewlett Packard, Hidraqua, Idrica, Nunsys, and S2 Grupo.

Pangeanic is a company specialized in language technologies and artificial intelligence solutions that facilitate automatic translation and the processing of large volumes of textual data; therefore, they develop tools to help organizations overcome language barriers and optimize global communication. As such, Pangeanic positions itself as a leader in facilitating efficient and precise multilingual interactions for clients across various industrial sectors.

ValgrAI is a non-profit foundation formed by the Generalitat Valenciana and the five public universities of the Valencian Region (University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Alicante, Jaume I University, and Miguel Hernández University), which coordinates the study and research of Artificial Intelligence in the Valencian Region . With a focus on disseminating knowledge and supporting research, ValgrAI actively works to create training and collaboration opportunities among experts, educational institutions, and other key players in the academic and professional fields. Its mission is to facilitate access to quality educational resources and foster innovative projects that contribute to scientific and technological development on a global scale.

For the Managing Director of ValgrAI, Ana Cidad, “this support is a boost to continue valuing the research being conducted in our universities, offering tools to respond to the new reality presented by AI, and, above all, to position the Valencian Region as a benchmark territory in Artificial Intelligence, because we have the talent to achieve it. That is why we encourage more companies like Pangeanic to help us build the future.”

In this regard, the CEO of Pangeanic, Manuel Herranz, indicates that “we have always believed in the responsibility of supporting the scientific and educational community, and being an active part of the change. Artificial Intelligence is part of the DNA of our company, and we are aware that if we want to remain competitive, we must be part of the innovation being developed in our universities and support initiatives like ValgrAI that put our Region at the forefront.”

This type of initiative highlights the growing need for private entities to join in supporting through sponsorship actions the efforts of organizations like ValgrAI. In a world where research and education constantly face financial and structural challenges, the support of conscious and committed corporations can be crucial to continue research projects that benefit society as a whole.