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We are pleased to announce that ValgrAI, in collaboration with the five public universities in the Valencian Region, has opened the application period for the incorporation of new members to our Joint Research Unit (JRU) in Artificial Intelligence. This call will be open from May 2 until June 2, 2024, providing a unique opportunity for those professionals who wish to join a cutting-edge team in the field of artificial intelligence.

The ValgrAI JRU was established with the goal of consolidating a cluster of excellence that leads in international research and postgraduate studies in AI. Currently, the unit is made up of personnel from five Valencian public universities and ValgrAI, working closely together on projects that make a difference on the global technological stage.

Who can apply?

To be part of this exciting project, candidates must demonstrate an excellent and proven track record in research, knowledge transfer, or teaching in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, applications must be endorsed by at least two current members of the ValgrAI JRU and at least five years must have passed since the defense of their doctoral thesis.

Required documentation

Applicants must submit:

  • A Shortened Curriculum in the FECYT CVA format that includes their 10 most relevant publications and projects in AI.
  • An endorsement document from two ValgrAI JRU researchers.
  • A report describing the candidate’s main contributions to the field of AI and their potential impact on the ValgrAI JRU .
  • Additional documents that verify the merits and contributions of the candidate.

Selection process

Applications will be evaluated by the ValgrAI JRU Joint Committee, based on criteria of excellence in research, teaching, and transfer, as well as the potential contribution of the candidate to the international prestige and impact of our unit.

How to apply

Interested parties must complete their application through the form available on our website from May 2 to June 2, 2024.

We invite all professionals passionate about Artificial Intelligence to consider this unique opportunity to be part of a team that is defining the future of technology. More details about the call and the application process are available on our website.

For more information, please contact us by email at We look forward to your applications and to contributing together to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence!

peramos con entusiasmo sus aplicaciones y a contribuir juntos al avance de la Inteligencia Artificial!