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On June 7th, the IX ValgrAI Research Morning took place, a virtual event that brought together professionals, academics, and enthusiasts from the world of artificial intelligence. At ValgrAI, we are pleased to have once again facilitated a space for discussion and knowledge exchange on the latest innovations and practical applications of AI, reaffirming our commitment to technological advancement and cutting-edge research.


Highlighted Presentations from the IX ValgrAI Research Morning

Physics-Based Neural Networks for Optimal Counterdiabatic Quantum Computing (Redes neuronales basadas en la física para una computación cuántica contradiabática óptima)

Speaker: Antonio Ferrer

Antonio Ferrer presented an innovative method that uses physics-inspired neural networks to improve quantum circuits in systems with qubits. By introducing the counterdiabatic operator, his technique accelerates the system’s evolution and optimizes important physical observables, such as the scheduling function and the evolution of energy levels. This approach, tested on two-qubit systems, promises significant advances in quantum computing by eliminating the limitations of previous methods and offering a more precise and effective solution.




Sexism Identification on TikTok: A Multimodal AI Approach with Text, Audio, and Video

Speaker: Iván Arcos

Iván Arcos demonstrated how his research addresses the problem of sexism on TikTok using multimodal AI. His approach combines text, audio, and video to detect sexist expressions, from subtle biases to explicit misogyny. Iván has created the first dataset of TikTok videos in English and Spanish for this purpose, providing a valuable resource for future studies. This methodology surpasses traditional text-based methods, offering a deeper understanding of the intentions behind sexist content on social media.




An event towards the future of AI

The IX edition of the ValgrAI Research Morning has not only been a success in terms of participation and the quality of presentations but also laid the groundwork for future discussions and developments in the field of artificial intelligence. We are proud to have brought together experts and enthusiasts who share our passion for innovation and technological progress.


Next event

Looking to the future, we are pleased to announce that the next edition of the ValgrAI Research Morning will take place next July 5th. We invite everyone interested in the frontiers of artificial intelligence to join us for this event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the most relevant discussions in the field and contribute to shaping the future of technology.

For registration and more information, please contact We look forward to seeing you at our next event to continue exploring and shaping the future of artificial intelligence together!