Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging

Universidad Politécnica de Vàlencia.
La UPV está organizada en nueve escuelas técnicas superiores, dos facultades y dos escuelas politécnicas superiores, que se encargan de organizar la docencia de 39 grados, y cuenta con 42 departamentos y 41 centros e institutos de investigación.

Campus: Universitat de Politècnica de València - Campus de Vera

Duration: 1.500 hours
Date: 2022/23
Method: Face to face learning

In recent years, there has been a growing demand in ICT companies for specialists in areas such as digital image processing, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent systems and techniques, multi-agent systems, social computing, shape recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine translation, etc.

On the other hand, the development of systems and products based on these technologies usually requires a high degree of ingenuity and knowledge of advances in research, which brings the demand for training closer to the research training required for a doctorate. Both training aspects, professional and research, are integrated in this master’s degree.


Training of specialists in:

  • Intelligent systems design, application of artificial intelligence techniques, multi-agent systems, virtual organisations, recommender systems
  • Designing social behaviour in computer systems
  • Development of shape recognition systems
  • Computer graphics, synthetic imaging and virtual reality
  • Image processing, computer vision and biometric techniques
  • Intelligent human-machine interfaces
  • Language technologies: machine translation, speech recognition and understanding, natural language processing

Adressed to

  • Graduates
  • Engineers or Technical Engineers in Computer Science
  • Engineers or Graduates of other related degrees (Mathematics, Telecommunications, etc.)

Admission criteria

  • Qualifications mentioned
  • Academic record
  • Suitability of the profile
  • Related professional and research experience