Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging

Polytechnic University of Valencia.
The UPV is organized into nine higher technical schools, two faculties and two higher polytechnic schools, which are responsible for organizing the teaching of 39 degrees, and has 42 departments and 41 research centers and institutes.

Campus: Universitat de Politècnica de València - Campus de Vera
Duration: 1.500 hours
Date: 2022/23
Method: Face to face learning
Price: 35,34€/credit

In recent years, there has been a growing demand in ICT companies for specialists in areas such as digital image processing, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent systems and techniques, multi-agent systems, social computing, shape recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine translation, etc.

On the other hand, the development of systems and products based on these technologies usually requires a high degree of ingenuity and knowledge of advances in research, which brings the demand for training closer to the research training required for a doctorate. Both training aspects, professional and research, are integrated in this master’s degree.


Training of specialists in:

  • Intelligent systems design, application of artificial intelligence techniques, multi-agent systems, virtual organisations, recommender systems
  • Designing social behaviour in computer systems
  • Development of shape recognition systems
  • Computer graphics, synthetic imaging and virtual reality
  • Image processing, computer vision and biometric techniques
  • Intelligent human-machine interfaces
  • Language technologies: machine translation, speech recognition and understanding, natural language processing

Adressed to

  • Graduates
  • Engineers or Technical Engineers in Computer Science
  • Engineers or Graduates of other related degrees (Mathematics, Telecommunications, etc.)

Admission criteria

  • Qualifications mentioned
  • Academic record
  • Suitability of the profile
  • Related professional and research experience