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The course, supported by the Generalitat Valenciana and with expert teachers from the five Valencian public universities,

aims to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to integrate AI into their teaching programs.

ValgrAI,  Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence, has announced the launch of its first training project. This is the “Inteligencia Artificial para Docentes” course, aimed at teachers of all educational levels and areas of knowledge, which seeks to provide them with tools for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their teaching programs, and which will begin in April.

ValgrAI has accompanied the launch by announcing the granting of 50 scholarships of more than 50% of its price to make studying the course even more accessible. This initiative seeks to provide opportunities for teachers interested in AI who, for financial reasons, cannot afford their training. These scholarships are already available at the request of those interested in taking the course and are expected to help promote participation and diversity in Artificial Intelligence training in the Valencian Community. With these scholarships, ValgrAI hopes to achieve a leadership position in the initiative to disseminate the knowledge and skills necessary to make the most of the possibilities of AI and contribute to the development of a more educated and prepared society for the era of Artificial Intelligence.

During its last year of activity, ValgrAI has supported the different Artificial Intelligence master’s degrees of the five Valencian public universities, granting more than 120 scholarships, and helping students to pay for their postgraduate studies. In addition, it has held different dissemination events related to Artificial Intelligence and related disciplines, such as the “ValgrAI Scientific Forum” last July, “Towards the frontiers of AI and high-performance computing”, in February, o “Predictable AI: Evaluation, Anticipation and Control”, on March 8. With this course that adds to the list of activities of the foundation, ValgrAI launches the first of a long list of training courses whose objective is to make the study and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence accessible among different sectors.

“”Inteligencia Artificial para Docentes” is a unique opportunity to prepare for the AI revolution in education and in society in general,” said Ana Cidad, Manager of ValgrAI. “ValgrAI is proud to lead the initiative and hopes that this project will be the first of many to spread the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the possibilities of AI.”

“Inteligencia Artificial para Docentes” is a unique opportunity to prepare for the AI revolution

Course participants will learn about the basics of AI, how it is used to solve problems, and how they can apply it in their own teaching. Important issues related to ethics, legal aspects and privacy in AI will also be discussed to understand its impact on society. Teachers will acquire the necessary skills and competencies to work with AI technologies and integrate them into the planning and design of new educational models, improving their efficiency and the quality of teaching and learning processes in the classroom.

“AI has great potential in education to improve teaching,” said Vicent Botti, General Director of ValgrAI, in a recent opinion article published on this website, “but we must not forget that it does not replace teachers/ it is in the classroom. These are essential for learning and the development of social and emotional skills in students. We must see AI as a valuable tool that complements and improves teaching but does not provide the human interaction and individualized attention that teachers give their students. ”, he pointed out.

“Teachers are essential for learning and the development of social and emotional skills in students.”

The project is supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society of the Generalitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the five public universities of the Valencian Community.