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• La Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación (CPI), the scientific park of UPV, will host the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 next Tuesday.

• Prominent international experts will discuss the latest scientific and technological advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Among the speakers are Thomas Dietterich, Marco Dorigo, and Jesús Hijas.

ValgrAI and the Universitat Politècnica de València are preparing to host the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023, a cutting-edge event dedicated to the latest advances and innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) research. With over 260 confirmed registrants, this forum, which will take place next Tuesday, July 4, will bring together students, researchers, industry professionals, and students at the Polytechnic City of Innovation, UPV’s scientific park.

The main objective of the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 is to provide a space for meeting and collaboration among the leading exponents of AI. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, showcase their research, work, and applications, and promote collaboration within the AI community.

Prominent speakers at the event include Thomas Dietterich and Marco Dorigo, Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University and Free University of Brussels, respectively, as well as members of ValgrAI’s Scientific Council. These experts will share their extensive research and development experience during #VSCF2023, providing valuable insights into the latest scientific and technological advances in the field of AI.

The event will also feature the participation of Jesús Hijas, a prominent professional in social networks, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Hijas will deliver a lecture focused on harnessing the power of AI to foster innovation and creativity in various industries.

The ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 will provide an opportunity for ValgrAI’s collaborating companies to share their strategies and experiences with AI. Representatives from S2 Grupo, Hidraqua, Idrica, Nunsys, IVI RMA Global, and Hewlett & Packard Enterprise will present the strategies implemented in their respective organizations, showcasing how AI has positively impacted their operations.

The event will feature sessions dedicated to the latest research conducted by pre and postdoctoral researchers sponsored by ValgrAI and coming from the five public universities of the Valencian Community. These presentations will offer a unique insight into scientific and technological advances in various fields of AI and demonstrate the promising work being done by the next generation of researchers.

Additionally, as a novelty in this second edition, the “AI Challenge: Generating Innovative Ideas with AI for Companies” will take place, a challenge that will allow participants to demonstrate their creativity and skills while establishing meaningful connections with companies and talent acquisition teams. The teams will explore the value chain of a company and propose innovative ideas for the application of AI, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between students and professionals.


Find the different talks of the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 on our YouTube channel separated by topics: YouTube – ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023