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The agreement involves the development, design, coordination, and execution of joint actions focused on education, research, and cooperation in Artificial Intelligence

ValgrAI, a non-profit foundation formed by the Generalitat Valenciana, the five public universities of the Comunitat, and AI-specialized companies, joins forces with Distrito Talento, a project of the Generalitat Valenciana belonging to the Society of Projects for Digital Transformation (SPTD), within the framework of Distrito Digital, which connects companies and digital talent through training.

Taking advantage of the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023, the collaboration was formalized through the signing of the agreement by Egoitz Zarallo, Director of Distrito Talento, Vicente Botti, Director of ValgrAI, and Ana Cidad, Managing Director of Valgrai.

The main objectives of the agreement are the development, design, coordination, and execution of joint actions focused on the development, design, and coordination of actions that facilitate education, training, and employability in Artificial Intelligence.

This collaboration serves a triple purpose: the development of joint actions focused on boosting digital talent, the conceptualization, and design of actions that may have connections with third parties, and a third aspect focused on communication, with both entities supporting each other in the dissemination of relevant activities.

The joint work of Distrito Talento and ValgrAI will connect talent and companies in joint projects, working on an adaptive axis that aligns current demand with tailored training for professionals according to market and industry needs. Additionally, an anticipatory axis will anticipate future training needs by identifying trends and best practices and connecting these tools to real-world applications in the business sector.

The ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 (#VSCF2023) held at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), which was attended by Distrito Talento as well, was a dedicated event focusing on the latest advancements and innovations in Artificial Intelligence research, featuring renowned experts, researchers, and professionals from both national and international industry. It served as a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration within the AI community.

Distrito Talento participated in the event with a booth showcasing how to apply Artificial Intelligence in job searching, providing curriculum templates created using this technology. They also conducted interviews with talent to gather their experience with such tools.